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With the Puffin Browser gives users a fast Internet browser for Android and iOS. This put the creators of Cloud Support. Here are the websites to the Cloud servers is calculated and then sent to the Smartphone of the user is sent.

In this way, you can also content is presented, usually by the operating system are not or no longer be supported. So, for example, can users with iOS operating system on Flash content. So are Flash Videos and Flash Games on iOS devices available.The Cloud support goes even further. Users have the option of additional Cloud storage to store and Downloads directly to the Cloud. Without going through the Smartphone, files are directly stored in the Cloud and can later in home Wi-Fi to your Smartphone or even on your own Computer to be loaded.In this way, files can be up to 100 MB in size on the go back up, without sacrificing the mobile Internet volume to affect. In addition, the Puffin Browser is the possibility of a virtual Trackpad and virtual Gamepad controls.

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You can free download Puffin Browser 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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