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QR codes are used to get people quickly to a site or a file to navigate without first checking the address of an internet page having type. The only thing the user needs to do is scan the code with a dedicated QR scanner app.

One of the free QR scanners that also has an extra secured is from Kaspersky.

Kaspersky now has a QR scanner released that protects the user from visiting malicious files or sites via a QR code.

By using the QR scanner Kaspersky a QR code to scan the target first on safety checks. When it is not safe turns out to be the site is blocked and gives the Kaspersky QR scanner a veiligheidsmelding.

From within the app open all of the content that a QR code is linking to, whether an image, text or a website. Your smartphone or tablet is not likely to be infected with a virus or malware. This free app is a must for anyone who a lot of QR codes scans and are worried about the security of the visited content.

Kaspersky QR Scanner has the following features:

  • free QR scanner app,
  • offered by the renowned Russian security company Kaspersk
  • is protected against QR codes that link to malicious sites or files,
  • shows at a glance whether a link is safe or not,
  • text, images, websites or other content that the QR code links,
  • available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Kaspersky QR Scanner screenshots

screenshot-Kaspersky QR Scanner-1
screenshot-Kaspersky QR Scanner-2

You can free download Kaspersky QR Scanner and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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