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A desktop environment is a graphical environment for the PC. A desktop environment consists of a window manager, the appearance of the windows determines, and from utilities to adjust settings. KDE is a free desktop environment.

KDE is a free desktop environment for Unix, Windows and Mac systems. The goal of the KDE project is to create a basic desktop functionality and applications for daily use to offer. It also provides the tools and documentation for developers to stand-alone applications for the system to develop.

The KDE environment provides the need for an easy-to-use desktop environment, especially for UNIX-based systems. Another popular free desktop environment is Gnome.

KDE has the following characteristics:

  • KDE provides an easy-to-use environment for UNIX, Mac and Windows workstations
  • translated in the Dutch language
  • important applications for the KDE environment include:
    • Dolphin - file manager
    • Kate - text editor
    • Konqueror - web browser and file manager
    • KMail e-mail program
    • Kontact - Personal Information Manager
    • KOffice - office suite
    • Kopete - instant messaging
    • Amarok - audio player
    • Kaffeine - media player
    • Konversation - IRC client
    • K3b - cd and dvd burning
    • KTorrent - BitTorrent client

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