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Used to almost everyone Outlook to read his or her e-mail. Today, we will do so much more online via Gmail, or However, the use of an e-mail client some important advantages, such as extra backup for your e-mails or your e-mail to manage when you're offline or have a bad internet connection.

Mailbird is a very nice e-mail client for Windows systems.

Mailbird is a free email client for Windows used by many users compared with Sparrow. That last e-mail client was extremely popular, before this in 2012 by Google, was acquired and the development was discontinued. The comparison goes for the minimalist appearance of the program and the way in which social media are integrated.

The developers call Mailbird is the fastest e-mail client ever, and consistently focus on the optimization of the software. Also in user-friendliness impresses the client. Everyone would within a minute, all the functionality under the knee. Because the program is so minimalist is built-in all the functions easy and quick to find.

As we nowadays are accustomed to nearly all computer programs is also for Mailbird app store offered where additional apps for additional functions to find and install.

There are several versions available. The free version has three important disadvantages compared to the two bestaalde versions. This contains ads and some apps are only available for paying users. Moreover, the paid versions (Pro and Business) the function "Wingman". This is a personal productiviteitscoach that the speed at which your e-mail, manage records and on the basis of personal advice to increase your productivity. In addition, to detect the important e-mails and places them at the top, and you can send an e-mail "snooze" temporarily to suppress, and later back again.

Mailbird has the following characteristics:

  • free email client for Windows operating systems,
  • minimalist design (by many people compared to Sparrow),
  • integration of social media such as Facebook,
  • focus on speed and ease of use,
  • own app store to install an additional feature,
  • in the free version, ads are displayed,
  • paid versions offer additional apps and personal productiviteitstips.

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You can free download Mailbird 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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