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With an e-mail client download new e-mail messages to the hard drive of your computer and you can archive and organize your hard drive. In addition, you can send e-mails at any time draw up, also at the time that you are not connected to the internet.

Opera Mail is a free e-mail client. This program is also a must when you are looking for an alternative to Outlook.

For 2013 contained in the web browser of Opera always default to an integrated e-mail client. The current browser versions contain this function anymore. The Opera browser does not use more of your own engine, but the open source project Chromium. This is why Opera Mail as a separate e-mail client offered.

Opera Mail is a lightweight program that can quickly start. Furthermore, the program does not groundbreaking features, but people who are used to Outlook to use will quickly get the hang. In addition to receiving, sending and archiving e-mail allows you to Opera Mail also use a contact database to keep up with, newsgroups and to use RSS feeds to read.

When you are dealing with a slow internet connection or want to save on the number of kilobytes that you download then you can use the "Low-bandwidth mode" to enable it. This will only have new e-mails to be downloaded instead of the entire history and attachments only on request downloaded.

Automatically will Opera the language of your operating system take. When this is Dutch, you will be the e-mail client in your own language.

Opera Mail has the following characteristics:

  • free e-mail client for Windows and Mac,
  • offered by the maker of the Opera web browser,
  • integrated RSS feed reader,
  • supports navigation between different e-mails with the help of tabs,
  • new messages intuitively organise with the help of labels,
  • to use in the same language as your operating system.

Opera Mail screenshots

screenshot-Opera Mail-1
screenshot-Opera Mail-2

You can free download Opera Mail and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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