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Smart phones today are just computers, including a hard drive and memory, in the same way that full flow of data, and apps. Android devices have more problems than iOS devices. Apps on Android devices are a growing attack on the memory while the memory quickly grows. It is therefore recommended that your smartphone regularly even after to walk and clean up, so more memory and disk space. You have to do that with Norton Clean. Norton Clean is a handy app to get rid of unwanted files on your smartphone to remove. The app scans your device to crap in the cache folders of all applications and clears up that then.

Norton Clean is free to use and only available for Android.

When the memory of your smartphone is full flowing with junk, because your apps are widely used and because there is junk left behind when you apps to delete it again, you'll notice that your device is a lot slower. That works immediately less enjoyable. Especially when an Android device gets older, the slower. To get there, what to do and to your device to maintain you have Norton Clean security company, Symantec, but once on your Android phone or tablet install. It is a simple, but very effective app, that there is clear and whose use leads to positive results.

Norton Clean to remove the junk, junk and leftover files, outdated Android Package files (.apk) and optimizes the memory of the device. The advantage of this is that you have sufficient space available, for example, photos. In addition, bloatware removed.

The app is quickly downloaded on your device and if you start for the first time, you need the app to access your photos, media and files on your phone. Then let your device completely scan. That process usually goes pretty quickly, depending on what all is on your device. After the scan comes up all the crap in the folder with junk files and you must click on ‘View Junk Files’. Here, it is immediately indicated how many MB or GB you to junk on your device. If you click on this tab, the troop displayed, and you see each component back to how many dates to go, where all the boxes are checked. So everything is to remove. Everything you do not want to delete you could select from. It is still possible to per-app cache to delete. That saves sometimes all 10 GB on an average Android device.

Apps are easy to manage with the ‘ Manage Apps’ function, useful for apps that you have little or not at all used to identify and then immediately delete or apps, by definition, to delete. Norton Clean indicates how much of your disk space is being used.

The app works only for Android version 4.1 or higher.

Norton Clean has the following characteristics:

  • available for free for Android,
  • encourages troop and cache,
  • remove junk, residual files and obsolete Android Package files,
  • makes more disk space, and optimizes the memory of your device,
  • manage the apps on your device,
  • works only for Android version 4.1 or higher.

Norton Clean screenshots

screenshot-Norton Clean-1
screenshot-Norton Clean-2

You can free download Norton Clean and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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