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PDF is short for Portable Document Format. This file format is often used for exchanging documents. PDF files have the advantage that the layout is always in the same way is shown with each program and operating system.

Quick PDF Tools is a free program that offers a number of features, um PDF files to view and edit.

Quick PDF Tools is a free Windows program that offers a number of features to PDF files. To of the software to use, right-click on a PDF file, then a menu appears with all the possibilities.

Quick PDF Tools features, among others, the ability to create PDF files to merge, a preview display of document properties to change, modify, add metadata, or to change, convert images to PDF and PDF files to text to convert.

Quick PDF Tools is offered in a free version, Quick PDF Tools Free, and a paid version under the name of Quick PDF Tools Pro. The paid version has additional features such as splitting PDF files, JavaScript in PDF files and extract images from a PDF extract and saved on the hard drive.

Quick PDF Tools has the following features:

  • free PDF software
  • preview of a PDF file to view
  • PDF change properties (title, author, subject and keywords)
  • PDF layout will change
  • metadata to add or change
  • summary of security of PDF files
  • passwords for PDF files add or remove
  • convert almost any image to PDF, PDF to an image or PDF to text
  • convert and combine multiple images into a single PDF

Quick PDF Tools screenshots

screenshot-Quick PDF Tools-1
screenshot-Quick PDF Tools-2

You can free download Quick PDF Tools and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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