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The capture of what is on the screen of your computer is shown a "screenshot". There are lots of free screenshot programs but ShareX puts out there in terms of functionality and head and shoulders above it.

ShareX is a free screenshot tool for Windows operating systems. The program is open source and is free for personal and commercial use. It is also completely free of ads. Despite the fact that it is free of charge contains ShareX very advanced features where few other screenshot programs.

With the help of a keyboard shortcut that you set up yourself makes ShareX quickly a screenshot. This can be a screenshot of a complete page (even the part that no longer is displayed on the screen) or just the active window, a certain shape such as a square or a circle, or the entire screen. It is even possible to take a shortcut to link to the automatically upload the screenshot to your favorite online bestandsdeeldienst. This can be any existing service from another party, such as day gifts, Dropbox , or Pastebin, or a private FTP server space. It is even possible to use different keyboard shortcuts for different deeldiensten. So you can upload, for example, with one combination the screenshot to your own FTP space, and with the other to Dropbox.

After taking a screenshot you can this from ShareX further editing. This can be done by image effects to add a watermark over the image and text on the screenshot to type. By means of the drag & drop function allows the image to be subsequently easily to an online storage to upload.

ShareX contains a limited screen recording functionality where a selected part of your screen is recorded and can be stored as a video or animated GIF file.

Finally, it is a handy feature that not many other programs have automated screenshots with an interval of the number of minutes that you select yourself. So everything is automatically recorded on the computer's screen is shown without the self-command to have to give.

This Windows software is already since 2007, actively developed and one of the most comprehensive free screenshot programs that are now on the market. This program is especially recommended for users who screenshots not only locally want to save, but also direct online to share.

ShareX has the following characteristics:

  • open source screenshot tool,
  • make screenshots with self-defined keyboard shortcuts,
  • possible to screenshot directly to upload to an online deeldienst,
  • automatically make screenshots with a preset time interval,
  • option to easily create screencasts to make,
  • only suitable for Microsoft Windows systems.

ShareX screenshots


You can free download ShareX and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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