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Stranger Things is definitely one of the most popular series on Netflix. For the elderly among you is a nostalgic trip, in the middle hangs between movies like Poltergeist and Stand By Me. The first season broke records, and for the promotion of the second season, the creators of a game. That is just as retro as the series itself. Good news for lovers of 8-bit games. Just like the series the game is very well put together, with characters from the series, such as agent Hopper, and the four children playing the lead roles, and is a pleasure to play. Stranger Things: The Game takes place in Hawkins, the place where the series is going. Especially the local Hawkins lab plays an important role.

Stranger Things: The Game is free to play and available for iOS and Android.

Stranger Things plays out in 1984 and the same goes for this adventurous game. The pixel game even seems straight out of that era tribes.

Along with the characters from the series you need to various tasks and puzzles, where you always has to do with the different characters of the protagonists. They all have properties which will come in handy. Lucas solves everything with his polsstokje, Nancy has a collection of baseball bats in order to convert the Hopper has a special suit which he protects is in the Upside Down. You move the characters through the game by using your mouse to a spot where you want a character to go to.

You begin the game as agent Hopper, who immediately will need to find four missing children. The game begins in the Hawkins laboratory. Along the way, you must all the challenges, enemies, new areas to explore and as much as possible Eggos and gnomes to collect. They come later in the game, again to get things to unlock.

There are two modes in the game: classic and normal. The last option is more intended for those who never had this kind of games played, and that after 1984 were born. The further you get in the game you will come harder, and it is at a given time even possible to have multiple characters from the series at the same time to play.

It is possible to play against your friends on by as high as possible in the rankings to finish. Here you compare your scores with those of your friends. Your scores are back to sharing on your social media.

Stranger Things: The Game really is a classic arcade game, which looks like a game like Legend of Zelda, which the play itself does not last very long, because you are very quickly through it.

Stranger Things: The Game has the following features:

  • you play various characters from the series,
  • available for free for iOS and Android,
  • takes place in 1984 and in the town of Hawkins,
  • you are going to face challenges, solves puzzles, and collects points,
  • has two game modes: classic and normal,
  • compare your scores with your friends on the leaderboard,
  • share your scores through your social media.

Stranger Things: The Game video

Stranger Things: The Game screenshots

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You can free download Stranger Things: The Game and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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