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Diets, detoxifying or fasting, is something that more and more people do. Not only to lose weight, but also to bring something about or to you to clean on the inside. That is possible by very strict for yourself and a lot of discipline to have or use an app, which you in that process. Zero is a new app, which is the fasting for you track.

With Zero makes you a disciplined eetschema, which allows you to set times for eating and other times not. Zero is a free app, which is available only for iOS.

Author Kevin Rose came up with the idea for Zero, after he had read about the 16-hour fasting of actor Hugh Jackman, in preparation for his role as Wolverine. A fun way to lose weight, but not really a healthy way. The idea spoke to him in such a way that it is accessible for everyone wanted to make his own variant on made. With this app, you can choose from a number of ways to fast or not to eat, how you want to view.

When your favorite program is chosen, Zero in on what you are doing and lets you know when you should and should not eat. When you start the app wants to know when the sun for you goes down and there is your location. Zero calculates the time of sunset. You should ultimately be as close as possible to sunset to start with fasting.

You can choose from different diets. It is recommended that as a beginner the Circadian Rhythm Fasting, taking you as close as possible to sunset, starts with fasting, for a minimum of 13 hours. The app, however, begins only with the counting of the hours, if you have it turned on. In a diet that is more tailor-made, Custom Intermittent Fasting, you give yourself some daily goals, which is very suitable for people who periodically want to fast, so not all the time. You chest here, so the hours that you want to fast a day and which days of the week. Finally there is the 5:2 diet, 5:2 Fasting, where you five days may eat what you want, followed by two days where you have a limited number of calories allowed to take. In the app you will see the time that you start fasting and the time that you all are doing, where you have the time count. Per diet the app will have a tab 'science', where some of the scientific videos about the program.

The app lets you know when you should eat, and you will see per day a summary of what you have done. When you click on "Stop " Fasting', you get an overview of the whole period. All your dates are in addition to export in a convenient Excel sheet. Rose recommends to to with your doctor to discuss before you start fasting, because this is not for everyone, works just as good.

Zero has the following characteristics:

  • keep the time that you are fasting are,
  • available for free for iOS,
  • automatically sets the time of sunset in,
  • choice of three programs,
  • useful scientific videos,
  • export your data to Excel.

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You can free download Zero and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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