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A web browser allows you to visit websites and web applications to use.

The most well-known web browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. SRWare Iron is a free browser that is virtually identical to Chrome but with better privacy protection.

SRWare Iron is a free web browser based on the open source project Chromium. The program is for a large part identical to Google Chrome, but protects the privacy of the user by a number of the features of Chrome to turn it off.

Furthermore, SRWare Iron useful features that Chrome also has such as the Incognito mode where the browsing behavior is not recorded, and a home screen that automatically shortcuts to the websites that the user visited most frequently.

A disadvantage of SRWare Iron is that you must check for new updates.

SRWare Iron has the following features:

In SRWare Iron , the following Chrome features are disabled to protect your privacy:

SRWare Iron screenshots

screenshot-SRWare Iron-1
screenshot-SRWare Iron-2

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