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From now on has Skype a major competitor. Rebtel Networks AB is a new company in the field of mobile telecommunications. More than 30 countries can use their service that allows anyone with a cell phone to an international call without the high cost.

How does it work?
After an account is created, the user must have his mobile number and the mobile numbers of friends all over the world. Rebtel makes then a number of local songs which the user per SMS sent.

For example, someone in Leeuwarden will get a local number in Leeuwarden to call a friend in Cape town, the friend in Cape town, on the other hand will receive a local number from Cape town that he is the friend in Leeuwarden can be reached. Rebtel makes use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the Internet used for voice transport. So you can call on data networks and are, therefore, the separate services of transport of data and voice combined.

If a Rebtel account once running it will cost the service $ 1 per week for the use of two services: REBin and REBout. With REBout, one can use local numbers for worldwide calling with the low local rates, plus a small amount per minute to Rebtel.

For those who are still too expensive find has the Rebtel service REBin, this is the user through a virtual space (REBroom called) connected with worldwide friends. In REBroom are all calls free, regardless of the amount or the length of the calls, the call cost is never more than one dollar per week. Pronamic is accessible to all!

Rebtel screenshots


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