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During projects where software is developed, there during the process many things that need to be adjusted. To all of these issues to properly process, it is important to have a good online ticket system to use. Through such a system enables both customers and employees issues to create and check the progress.

There are several free bug trackers available including the open source project Mantis.

Mantis is an open source project that allows you to an online ticket system can develop that you a project to manage. Mantis is primarily used in software development projects.

After the installation, a server room can users with the appropriate data via any web browser on the bug tracking system login. This system allows team members within a project and customer issues to create, assign and manage. The bug tracker is written in PHP and can use MySQL, MS SQL or PostgreSQL database.

There is also a package that is suitable for mobile phones with the name MantisTouch. With this package, owners of an iPhone, Android smartphone or Windows Phone to automatically be directed to a page that is optimized for these mobile phones. For MantisTouch should be paid.

Mantis has the following characteristics:

  • ticket system for issues within a project to capture and monitor
  • open source,
  • issues create and assign to team members,
  • written in PHP and uses a MySQL, PostgreSQL or MS SQL database

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