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Microsoft, owner of Skype, has released a new Android app released that is a direct attack on Snapchat. With Skype Qik, which is also available for Windows Phone and iPhones, you can videos be sent for up to 42 seconds long. Also a pic to send no problem. After two weeks, all the media of Skype Qik removed, promises Microsoft. You can also own videos and photos to delete, even though the recipient is already back on his internal memory can save before you ‘m have been removed.

Another funny feature of Skype Qik is the possibility to have messages to respond to a gifje, which you can record. You can, for example, a funny face, include it as a gif-file and send. There is a maximum of five gifjes you ready can have to send.

The app works only with user names, which you as a contact you can add, and then groups of contacts can make. The interface seems to be on that Skype, with a lot of round elements and square blocks. The square blocks show conversations with contacts or groups.

Qik screenshots


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