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Cinefy is a new video editing apartment for iPhone, which at the moment in development. The app should start to distinguish applications such as iMovie, by the use of special effects. The developer promises that the use of this easy and intuitive. Interested parties can now register for the closed test phase of the app.

The maker of Cinefy says that you have no editing experience need to have good special effects with the app to create. A number of separate packages, which will, through the app to purchase, to make it possible to study the effects around a new theme or topic to apply. What packages exactly this will be remains to be determined, but the developer attempts to use Twitter among other Pixar and Lady Gaga to approach. Although this still says nothing about already-made deals, let see what direction the app will take.

Cinefy is working with so, there is a library of free to use music in the app. These tracks are not copyright-protected, so anyone may use it. How beautiful the special effects of the app will eventually be remains to be determined. The developer continued, however, the video below on YouTube, to show what is already possible.

If you are interested in Cinefy, then you can through the website of the app you register for the private beta. You will receive an e-mail when you are using an early version of the app to get started. Since last Tuesday, let Cinefy test users, which means that you may not really have to wait very long. This depends probably on the amount of signups. When the app released in the App Store is not yet known.

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