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With the Freeware, I2P, you get access to a closed anonymous network, in which all Parties remain anonymous.

The current Version improves Performance through improvements in the Transmission of UDP packets. Furthermore, it is now a Test on UDP-accessibility built in. The Streaming library is now in an improved variant shipped and the built-in Bittorrent Client, I2PSnark now has a built in Multitracker support.

The I2P network with a web Browser to be visited, the program serves as a Software Router, the own inquiries and contacts from other participants redirects and encrypted. Unlike Proxy services such as Tor, JAP or Psiphon is not only to contact with web server HTTP-based anonymized, but the complete communication between all parties Involved. So can on the Internet aufgesetze applications such as Chat, Mail or file sharing, anonymously operated. I2P is similar to Tor network to maintain their own anonymity in the network. Unlike the gate stands behind I2P the philosophy that full anonymity is not in the normal network can be reached, and proxies are potentially hazardous.

Thus builds I2P private network in the Internet, similar to the Freenet project, however, without an included file storage systems. Since most Web applications are too many to reveal personal data, were also some specifically targeted to the I2P-network is adjusted, for example, iMule as an eDonkey Client, I2Psnark as a Bittorrent Client or I2Phex as a Gnutella Client. However, since I2P as a private network that serves these Clients I2P-internal goals/data.

I2P is an effective measure to the anonymity of the net. Since I2P is a closed network, the respective offer, however, is not very large.

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