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A Virtual Private Network, or just VPN. Roughly speaking, serves VPN to the user an encrypted connection to the servers of the operator to provide, what the data then forwards. This is the original sender is disguised. So is it possible that the real idea to disguise (even if it is for a secure anonymization in the sense of the traceability with the subsequently presented services will not suffice) and the restriction by Geo IP to Block repeal.

In this article, it should, in particular, to circumvent the Geo IP Block, because by this the users can use the various services, in particular from the United States in this country do not use. Popular services are, for example, hulu, Spotify, Pandora or Google Music.

A possibility would certainly be to the various relevant Proxy sites a working Proxy to pick out, and then one by one to test and in the Browser enter. I think this is but rather awkward until you get the right hits, and it also usually still very slow work.


nother possibility is the VPN service provider, of which there are a number of there are certain limitations for the user for free are provided.

proXPN is a VPN Client available, you must install and, unfortunately, only for Windows and Max OS X users is available. After registering you can about the program log.

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