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Sending large files can often cause problems. Most e-mail services have a limit to the number of megabytes per email sent as an attachment. Yousendit is a service that allows files up to 50 megabytes free of charge to send.

UPDATE: YouSendIt is in 2013 renamed to Hightail it. The focus of the program is now more on sharing than on the sending of large files. The free version of Hightail it contains 2 gigabytes of storage space and has a size limit of 250 megabytes.

YouSendIt is a free service that lets that files can be sent that is too large to as an attachment to e-mail.

With the service of YouSendit is it free to send files up to 100mb. For larger files a one-time amount to be paid or you can use a subscription service to shut down.

The sending of these files is not going through e-mail. If the sender indicates on the website the e-mail address of the recipient. Then select the file on your computer or network. The file is then uploaded to the servers

The "recipient" will then get an e-mail with a hyperlink to the file and the additional explanation. The recipient has seven days to download the file. After a week the file is automatically deleted from the servers. You can select how many people a files to download. The maximum number is 100 persons.

YouSendIt also offers mobile apps and desktop clients for Windows and Mac to transfer files automatically synchronise between different devices.

YouSendIt has the following characteristics:

  • free program to send large files,
  • automatic e-mail with a hyperlink and send it to the recipient of the file,
  • files up to 50 megabytes free of charge to send
  • download limit of 1GB per month with the free YouSendIt Lite account,
  • files may be up to 100 persons can be received,
  • files after 7 days are automatically deleted from the server
  • apps available for the iPhone, iPad and Android,
  • desktop clients are available for Windows and Mac.

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You can free download YouSendIt 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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