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There is since 2014 an explosion of chat apps that focus on the sending and receiving of messages that are protected against eavesdropping. As a user, it is difficult to determine how secure such a service actually is. Bleep is a secure instant messaging service, where the renowned developers of BitTorrent behind it.

Bleep is a free P2P chat application from the creators of the BitTorrent download client. This is in July 2014 launched and plays on the hype around secure communication services. Since the NSA scandal, many internet - and app-users have to be aware of the infringement on their privacy in the use of for example Skype and Google Chat. Although the companies behind this have never admitted that they actively participate in the eavesdropping of citizens it is reasonable to note that a lot of personal data shared with U.s. authorities.

BitTorrent has Bleep developed to users are free to communicate with one another. This is not some metadata on the servers of the developer stored. Through other privacy apps, it is according to them it is still possible to trace who talks to whom and at what times. The connection between users is established via other connected persons in the network as with other P2P software. All connections and links are also encrypted so the hackers will be very difficult is made to the communication to be intercepted.

The Bleep app is designed for both desktop systems and mobile platforms. In the first place, the service was released only for Windows and Mac systems. Also is there a mobile app for Android. In a later stage, there are all the other popular platforms.

Bleep has the following characteristics:

  • free highly secure instant messaging service,
  • developed by the creators of BitTorrent,
  • no metadata stored on Bleep servers,
  • all chatcommunicatie is encrypted with different protocols,
  • suitable for both desktop and mobile platforms.

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You can free download Bleep and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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