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When you are a creative person then you will undoubtedly often be a photo, a program or a site to show you the exact code of a color want to know. This allows you to search by taking a screenshot and in Photoshop to open it. But the free program Sip provides a much more convenient method.

ip is a free program that color codes from any part of your screen can determine and store them in the history. After installation of this software on your Mac computer, as an icon in the menu bar will appear. You can then use the "Color Picker" or with the key combination Control + Option + P every pixel on your screen to select the color of which is to be determined. This can be a website in the browser but also an icon on the desktop or the window of a desktop agent. With the integrated magnifying glass to select more precisely one pixel on the display.

The numeric code of each found color is in the database of the Sip is stored. Optionally, it can be found colors to be stored in the clipboard and then use the keyboard shortcuts pasted in any other program.

When creating a website or design a flyer or magazine can be useful to not one but a combination of colors to save. You can get up to six colors in one group to save.

You can set by yourself with which of the following codetypen the colors are stored:

When you want to be different then you can do this via the menu, to quickly select.

Sip is an absolute must for every Mac owner that often the colors on the screen wants to save it for use in other projects. This app is completely free to download in the Mac App Store.

Sip has the following characteristics:

Sip screenshots


You can free download Sip and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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