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For many people, is the prevention of data loss is a constant source of concern. How should backups be stored, and how should this process be organized? You can use all kinds of separate storage drives to work but your data will still be lost if a fire breaks out. When you are online backups let you make you must often be substantial to pay for it.

BuddyBackup offers a solution by automatically backups on the computers of friends to save.

BuddyBackup is a free backup program for Windows computers. The software works differently than many other software in the same category. The backups are not stored on an external drive or online, but on the computers of friends.

After installation and the selection of the folders you want to backup, you need friends (in the program "buddies") to invite. The computers of these buddies are the backups of your data is stored. You can automatically send invitations to your friends to send your e-mail address and the password of your e-mail account to enter. You can also manually enter email addresses. When your friends accept your invitation, you will receive automatic notification of.

The backups are created automatically and sent when you create a new document in a synced folder or when you open a document in a directory name. This requires both you and one of your friends to the computer and a working internet connection. When this is not the case, then BuddyBackup to remember which files are synchronized and will this backup still be sent when the computer of one of your friends comes back online.

It is also possible to make an own USB-stick as well as buddy to add. The creators of the program warn, however, that this is not as safe as storing of backups on computers at other locations. For example, when fire breaks out your data namely still lost. This is not the case when the data on different computers in different houses is saved.

The data is encrypted before the program these about the internet send. This is the data is not only protected against interception by cybercriminals. Even your friends can make your documents open on their computer are stored. So you don't have to be afraid that others cannot access your personal information.

BuddyBackup has the following characteristics:

  • free backup program,
  • make backups on the computers of your friends,
  • your computer must be connected to the internet,
  • data is by using encryption-protected
  • the new and modified files are automatically synchronized,
  • only available for Windows computers.

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You can free download BuddyBackup and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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