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With the RKill Download is running Malware on the computer reliably stopped. The free Tool terminates the processes of found malware, so that Antivirus programs like AVG, Kaspersky & co or one of the Culprits then from the disk to remove it.

When you Start the computer in the Background many processes are set in motion, for the user not always are visible. Under these processes can, however, also Malware hide, completely unnoticed damage to the Computer caused. Mostly, these viruses are not only invisible to the user, but also for antivirus programs difficult to track down. Who the risk of malfunction to minimize going to need a reliable tool to Detect those pests. The free security program is a competent Partner for this task.

Is Download of RKill successfully carried out, makes the program on the search for eye-catching processes and intruders. Be abnormalities localized and Malware such as Rootkits or Trojan is detected, stops the helper whose execution immediately on the computer. Similar to how malware runs the Malware hunters quietly in the Background. After Detecting a malware terminates the application on your own, without the users prior notice. Please note: Although the little Tool is actually meant for Stopping any malware is responsible, is it from some antivirus programs falsely itself as a pest is identified.

The Malware Scanner during his search, the user is not constantly with messages about pests found accosted, is positive. So the user also knows if his computer is compromised, the results of each scan, using a Log-text file provided. This file on the Desktop will be filed, contains all of the necessary information about the stopped processes. Important: RKill stops only the running processes of the Malware programs, removed them, however, not from the computer. Here come antivirus programs, like AVG the free protection shield against viruses and worms, are used.

Security tool without surface Apart from the Log text file comes the application without a graphical user interface. After starting the program, open a run window, in which the sequential scanning routines on the command-line level, are visible.

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You can free download RKill 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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