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When the developer of the TrueCrypt project in 2014 via their website announced to stop the development, this gave rise to a lot of unrest among users. It is unclear whether that encryption program still safe to use. This while the up to that time, one of the most popular encryptietools was. As a response, there are a number of new encryption program was released which CipherShed is one of them.

CipherShed is open source encryption software for Mac, Linux and Windows. It is, in 2014, created as a fork of the stopped TrueCrypt project. This means that the source code of TrueCrypt is used, and from there, CipherShed is more developed.

After encryption of a file is only possible for the content to come up with the correct password.

At this time is the development of CipherShed is still in the alpha phase. This raises the already downloaded, but the software is not yet stable. It is, therefore, especially suitable for professional users and developers who wish to contribute to the further development.

CipherShed has the following characteristics:

CipherShed screenshots


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