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Encryption is encrypting data on the basis of an algorithm. With the help of encryption software you can the files to your PC or on an external drive such as a USB stick encrypted save. Others can only get access to your personal files if they know the password.

UPDATE: The developers behind TrueCrypt in may 2014 announced that they will completely stop all support for the software. In addition, advise users to encrypted data to migrate to an alternative program. In the case of Windows recommend them, starting with Windows Vista by default in the operating system, integrated service called BitLocker.

TrueCrypt is an open source encryption program and therefore free to use. TrueCrypt encrypts all files in a partition of your hard disk. This appears as a separate drive on your computer.

You can use the files created by TrueCrypt encrypted only reach by keying in the correct password that you have entered. Particular to TrueCrypt is that in addition to the "ordinary" encryption is also a hidden folder displays that are visible only by pressing a combination of two specific keys. So, if you for some reason, your initial password should be handed out to someone, there is still a hidden folder that is not displayed without pressing the key combination to use.

TrueCrypt allows you to not only use for (a part of) the hard disk of your PC but also for external drives such as a USB stick. A USB stick, you can easily lose, but if you protect with this encryption program, then you know for sure that someone without the password your data can.

BEWARE: the files that it encrypts by means of this software program are only to pick back up by a password to key in. Keep in mind that you your data files, you can't achieve if you lose your password or forget it.

TrueCrypt has the following characteristics:

  • secure encryption of your data files,
  • privacy by shielding your personal information,
  • option to add an extra invisible folder to use as extra security,
  • also possible to all the data on a USB stick, encrypt,
  • TrueCrypt is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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You can free download TrueCrypt and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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