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A clipboard is used to temporarily store text or graphics. A quick way to get something to keep and to copy and everything you to clipboard copied is then again easily somewhere else to paste, such as an e-mail or a text document. Windows has a built-in clipboard, but the functions are limited and many people are therefore often looking for a good alternative. ClipClip is such an alternative. ClipClip is an easy to use clipboard, which you without the limitations and problems stores information. You copy information simply with the keyboard shortcut Shift+Ctrl+C and then Shift+Ctrl+V. Benefit to ClipClip is that all information should be easy to manage and organize, and even in folders is to save. ClipClip supports both text and images.

ClipClip is free to use and available for Windows.

ClipClip is a very nice clipboard that is easy to use and allowing your productivity up will shoot. You copy not only simple texts and images to the application, but modified and can manage this directly in a simple way. The content is on your hard drive to save or upload to Dropbox, Box or OneDrive. The file is small and quickly downloaded and installed.

If you run the program for the first time, then it is already give what information you have in which folders to save, where the standard categories are indicated, but this is always at a later time. However, it is useful to take a look, because this store addresses, credit card data, notes, passwords, screenshots , and links to a clear spot.By default a number of keyboard shortcuts, but the settings are easily customizable to change.

In the first instance, it is possible for your information to copy, and in the clipboard to paste. All these information is then saved on your hard disk, where you have the folder for the location before choose. The default Windows clipboard does not, for example, and stores everything in the memory. All content, which is stored as a clip, and the folders are easy to organize, inter alia, on the date or name. Each clip is always to edit, and from the application you'll have easy access to them. With the search feature searches across all of your clips by keyword, so that the desired information is quickly found.

The number of clips you create is unlimited. The application can even integrate with Google Translate, so as a clip to be translated. ClipClip is at the same time with your pc to boot, then running in the background, and the application requires little memory and the processor of your computer. Because you are looking at your information, saving you more time for your work or other activities, because the copy-and-paste you might be using very often, but it all costs a lot of time. With the keyboard shortcut Shift+Ctrl+V is that behind the back.

ClipClip has the following characteristics:

  • excellent alternative to the Windows-clipboard,
  • free to use for Windows,
  • save text and images with a simple,
  • to operate with multiple keyboard shortcuts,
  • your content is to organize and categorize,
  • save your content as clips.

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You can free download ClipClip and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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