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Apache OpenOffice is a nice and free office suite, that is an excellent alternative to the widely-known Microsoft Office. Apache OpenOffice is similar to other office suites various components, and Calc, there is one of them. Calc is a useful spreadsheet programthat is very similar to Excel from Microsoft Office. It's easy to create complex calculations for a variety of purposes. If the program is good to use to make your records keeping, financial berekingen, several tables, and as numbers with each other to combine and more.

Apache OpenOffice Calc is free to use and available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Like the suite itself is Apache OpenOffice Calc is available in English. It also supports the open source application with many common file formats, including Excel files. If you already have Excel files used, for example, for your records, and you want to continue to work in Apache OpenOffice Calc, then these files without problems to import. Save to an Excel file is possible as well.

Most of the functions are also similar to those of Excel, but both private and business users do not have to pay anything. Calc works intuitively and effectively, and is not difficult to get the hang of.

Apache OpenOffice Calc features advanced DataPilot technology which makes it possible to in the digital rekenbord crude to import data from corporate databases. The application has an intelligent sum function for numbers and dates for each count, so that you do not constantly have to count. You create simple cross-tabs and summaries, and the program lets you work with clear formulas, and language, as the words sell – costs, so your list always clear and manageable. You create new tabs and downloads, where necessary, new and ready-to-use templates of the website of Apache OpenOffice. You can add new cells, rows, and tables, the layout and the backgrounds, and more. If you use the program for your sales, put simply, the profit against the sales and compares you all the figures.

Tables are to crosses and the content is rotating. The program offers the option to collaborate with others on spreadsheets to update and a spreadsheet is easy to share. Different data from multiple worksheets are easy with each other to integrate. Your files are save in the OpenDocument format, a common format for office documents, which your Apache OpenOffice Calc documents in other office suites to open. Your worksheets are in addition to exporting to PDF.

Apache OpenOffice Calc is not los to download, because it is part of Apache OpenOffice. You must first have that whole package so download and install.

Apache OpenOffice Calc has the following features:

Apache OpenOffice Calc screenshots

screenshot-Apache OpenOffice Calc-1
screenshot-Apache OpenOffice Calc-2

You can free download Apache OpenOffice Calc and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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