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You may use a lot of on-premises apps, you own an own server room, host and accessed via the internet. There are nowadays a lot of useful programs or services, that you all the applications that you use together on a central place. Sandstorm is a very simple way to get all of your self-hosted web-apps together. Sandstorm works just that little bit different and more individual than many similar services, because with Sandstorm, you can have your own server, a sort of personal cloud, and from there, an app store, very easy to your hosted apps to install.

Sandstorm is open source and completely free to use and available for installation on your own Linux server space.

With Sandstorm, you install apps just as easily on your Linux server if you do that with apps on your phone. You have full control over the apps in your cloud and that is a lot better than when you do the same try to do it on your own server. Nevertheless, you there with Sandstorm, but we have much control over. With this service, you install web apps such as WordPress, GitLab, MediaWiki, Apache Wave, Groove Basin, Ghost and RoundCube webmail.

You should first Sandstorm download and install. The creators have an extensive wizzard speed to dance to, so that you can quickly do. You must also create a password so you can log in. You will get Sandstorm then a free sub-domain, that if your personal server. That is a domain, but you can if you want your own domain or sub-domain.

With Sandstorm, everything is done with your web browser. You can create all of the apps on your server, go to install, such as e-mail, word processors, blogging software and much more. The interface of Sandstorm looks like an app-store and works very intuitive. All your data are stored in a central place and are not scattered all over the internet. The handy part is that the apps that you have installed will not disappear, if the creator decides to stop. Because Sandstorm makes use of a special encryption, the manufacturers of the remote apps your do not follow, allowing your data to be safe. Sandstorm is, therefore, pretty innovative to name a few. There arises as it were a portal, with all the apps that you want to use and all the apps are with a few simple clicks to install. Each app runs in a separate secure box, allowing them to be isolated from the rest of your system and never damage to to take.

Further, it is possible to have your account with others to share and you can also make use of other hosts and apps to use. Sandstorm-files are distributed as spk files, that are assigned to your system.

Sandstorm has a free version, where you have a lot you can do but also has paid variants, which are yet more options and have you yourself not for the installation and hosting need to ensure.

Sandstorm has the following characteristics:

  • free self-hosted (on-premises) app portal,
  • available for your Linux server capacity
  • install all your apps in one central place,
  • log in with a password,
  • install e-mail, word processing, blog software, and much more,
  • share your account with others,
  • has a number of paid-for variants.

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You can free download Sandstorm and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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