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When different developers on the same code it is work, it is useful to quickly get the result to compare with a program that is especially focused on. In English, it is a "diff and merge" program called, i.e. software code to compare and merge.

Sign is an open source code tool suitable for all popular operating systems.

Sign is a free software tool for comparing and merging source code. It compares the code in real-time between two or three different folders. The automatic syntax background colors make it easier to programmeurcode to read. Conflicts related to the merge of the code to be in a red color indicated.

Sign supports many popular version control systems including Git, SVN, Bazaar and Mercurial. This is the status of different versions is shown, and for your code to commit the compare starts so you can see what changes have all been made.

Sign has the following characteristics:

  • open source code vergelijkingssoftware,
  • suitable for programmers who codes compare and merge,
  • comparison between codes is real-time made,
  • easily navigate between differences and conflicts,
  • all and local differences to visualize,
  • automatic syntax makering with background colors,
  • two or three folders automatic file-by-file compare,
  • merge feature supports existing version control systems,
  • supports, among other Bazaar, SVN, Mercurial and Git,
  • suitable for Linux, Mac and Windows systems.

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