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For many children it is the favorite pastime: coloring coloring pages. This can now not only with crayons and markers on paper, but also with the right software, or mobile app. Kea Coloring Book provides the appropriate tools for both desktop, laptop, tablet as well as smartphone absolutely free.

Kea Coloring Book is a free drawing program for smartphones, tablets and desktops. For very young children, there are more than 300 ready-made coloring pages available. This can be downloaded for free from the site of the developers. In addition, you can choose from 60 different colour palettes which they have the drawings to paint.

The older children can use the program yourself first with a virtual pencil to make a sketch and then with the provided markers to color.

Kea Coloring Book is completely free and there are even no ads shown. In addition to the installer for Windows and the mobile app for Android there is also an online version that can immediately be used without first creating an account.

Kea Coloring Book has the following characteristics:

  • free virtual coloring colouring,
  • no ads within the program,
  • choose from 60 different colour palettes,
  • online version to use without first account,
  • via the site are 300 coloring pages free download,
  • desktop agent for Windows operating systems,
  • mobile app for Android smartphones and tablet,
  • version mobile app for iOS is in development.

Kea Coloring Book screenshots

screenshot-Kea Coloring Book-1
screenshot-Kea Coloring Book-2

You can free download Kea Coloring Book 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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