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You also have thousands of digital photos, videos and other documents on your computer and you see meanwhile the forest through the trees not more? No need to panic because there are plenty of computer programs that you offer an overview. An example is the software from Daminion.

Daminion offers a solution for storage, management and search of digital files for teams. The same software is a free version released for consumer use. This can only locally stored files manage.

The program is deployed for the very large-scale monitor, and manage files. Within the program you can group files on various attributes including date, folder, or file type. After you selected files have been imported, you can this on the basis of tags accessible via the menu on the left side of the window. After selecting you will see the files with that tag on the right side of the window.

Files that are important to you can mark with a flag or a high or low valuations on the basis of sparks.

The program Daminion is very suitable for Windows users who have large amounts of files that are partly related to each other but are from different types. So you can easily all the photos, videos and documents to a particular event, holiday or other location combined find.

It is even possible to shoot photos to share on used camera lens, the camera model with which they were taken or the people or places photographed. In short, it is one of the most extensive document management tools to a lot of files to categorize and find back.

If you have the files on a server want to import, and sharing within teams in your organization, then you can get the paid version to purchase.

Daminion has the following characteristics:

  • free to manage locally-stored digital files,
  • suitable for videos, photos and office documents
  • key to mark files with some star or flag,
  • search based on keyword, location, camera, lens, people, etc.,
  • suitable for Windows systems (Mac with virtualization software).

Daminion screenshots


You can free download Daminion 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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