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An internet browser is a computer program that allows web pages and web applications opened and can be used.

All web browsers are actually free, there are some differences between the programs. SlimBrowser is one of the many free browsers.

SlimBrowser is a free web browser with advanced features for Windows systems. It comes as installer and as a portable program from a USB-stick can boot.

The question is whether the average internet user, this browser will have. The developers want to have very many points distinct, but in practice, the same functions and more to use by, for example, Chrome or Firefox and one of the many plugins for those browsers to install.

A number of useful features that SlimBrowser includes are bundled together to save a group of web pages. This means they can at a later point in one go as a batch to be opened. In addition, the current weather conditions are displayed in the window, it is possible to integrate with services such as Gmail and Facebook, and videos can be downloaded from the internet.

In addition, functions are called that today, actually every browser has a pop-up blocker and the choice of different layouts.

Given the lack of really distinctive features, we recommend to not SlimBrowser but one of the free browser alternatives to install.

SlimBrowser has the following characteristics:

  • free web browser program,
  • by default, contains a large number of advanced features,
  • no plugins available since all of the functions have already been included,
  • offers no distinctive features or user experience,
  • integrated download manager for managing and accelerating downloads,
  • available as a installer or as a portable program,
  • only suitable for Windows systems.

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