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To free word processors, that a full-fledged alternative to Microsoft Office is no lack. Yet, we know developers always something onderscheidends to find. Judoom is a freeware word processor which has recently been developed on the latest technology and so a modern user interface. In this article you will find more information about this Windows word processor.

No sense paying for an expensive word processor? That is fortunately no longer necessary. The developers of Bad Wolf Software offer the program Judoom-free.

The program aims to stand out with the modern interface and its similarity to Microsoft Word. When you are used to use that program is no problem to switch to the word processor Judoom.

After the opening you see in the middle of the screen, the textarea as you are used to. On the left are the pages and chapters listed so you quickly back can scroll. It is even possible to use different documents and different pages within the same document next to each other in tabs to open.

It is therefore also suitable for professional writers who are on multiple projects at one time.

There are also disadvantages to Judoom. The most important is that it is almost no way to have a document in book form. So, it lacks the ability to have headers or footers to add, there is no automatic page numbering, and there is even no integrated spell checker.

For the eindopmaak you must select the saved document is still open in another word processor. This is not a problem because Judoom can save documents as Word, RTF or OpenOffice file. This is the text document so you with virtually any word processor to open.

Judoom has the following characteristics:

  • free word-processing software,
  • modern user interface,
  • documents are saved as Word, OpenOffice or RTF file,
  • document automatically on save to location, including Dropbox or external hard disk,
  • contains no headers, footers, page numbering or spelling checker,
  • works perfectly on the most recent Windows operating systems.

Judoom screenshots


You can free download Judoom and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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