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Google adds like from the leader in protecting the digital data of its users. As supported Gmail from the moment it was released all HTTPS connections. Since 2014 will be even all the e-mails are encrypted, both on the Wi-fi connection of the users and on the servers of Google. In addition, Google has now also added an encryption extension for Chrome released.

The name of the free encryption tool, End-to-End is based on the fact that all of the data from the time that your browser until the moment the recipient unwraps encrypted. The same is true for the messages that you receive. This makes the extension to use the OpenPGP technology. There already exist much longer, and more tools that, based on this, such as the GPG Suite and Gpg4win. This software is good to convert is very requires a lot of knowledge. Google is playing with this plugin in to the need for a simple, versleutelingsoplossing.

The Chrome extension End-to-End does not need to manually set. So it is only a matter of installing and you benefit directly from a secure data connection. The content of e-mail messages that are sent when this Chrome extension is enabled, it is difficult to intercept. The extension is developed within an open source project that Google has launched.

End-to-End has the following characteristics:

  • encrypt free all of your traffic,
  • offered by Google Inc. with an open source license,
  • makes use of OpenPGP technology,
  • also suitable for inexperienced computer users,
  • only available for the Chrome web browser.

End-to-End screenshots


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