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We can imagine, we are often safe, but sometimes the rifle is still a sense of insecurity. That is, if we are left alone on a deserted road bikes, are lost or are home alone, while it is dark. It is also not always safe anywhere. It plays the app, Trusted Contacts, Trusted Contacts, on in. The app is meant for your personal safety and you is in direct connection with family members or friends. In case of emergency you can share your location so people know where you are. With the app from Google allows you to your contacts, so feel free to put in unsafe situations.

Trusted Contacts is a free app, available for Android and iOS.

Trusted Contacts is a handy app to always be on a certain way in contact with the important people in your life. A form of social control. A way to get friends and family to let them know that you are well. With the app you can people your location and let you know and that works even if you have no internet connection or phone connection, or if your phone is turned off. A simple, but effective app.

After you have the app installed, you must log in with your Google account. You have Trusted Contacts or have access to your location, otherwise it won't work. Then you can use trusted contacts to add. Contacts closest to you, or where you have the most contact with.

These contacts can see your online status and see if you're active. They can see if you for example walking or that you have recently been online are. You can these people always be your location send. You can set this to happen automatically, or that you'd prefer to manually do it. Your contacts can addition your get location. If nothing is wrong, then you can let them know that you are OK, by the request to reject them, but if you are after a number of minutes and still haven't responded, then your most recent location is automatically shared with your contacts. If that is not confidence, they can take action and see what is the best way to help you. You can use one or select multiple contacts.

When you are on that country road to home bike and you do not feel safe, you share easily your location with your contacts. You share your location on Google Mapsso you know exactly where you are. In this way, you can have your route parts. If you're at home you can share your location off, and your contact, let them know that you are safely home. Your trusted contacts should, of course, the app also installed on their smartphone.

Google Trusted Contacts has the following features:

  • mobile app lets contacts see where you are,
  • free available for Android and iOS,
  • log in with your Google account,
  • add your trusted contacts via e-mail,
  • share your location automatically or manually,
  • share your route on Google Maps.

Google Trusted Contacts screenshots

screenshot-Google Trusted Contacts-1
screenshot-Google Trusted Contacts-2

You can free download Google Trusted Contacts and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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