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Since the end of 2013, you probably have a lot in the news heard about the new cryptogeld of Bitcoin.

This virtual currency is based on an algorithm in which the creation of new bitcoins and the maximum number of Bitcoins decided. By the processing power of your computer to calculate the algorithm, you can create new Bitcoins discover. This is sometimes called the "mine" referred to by the link that is established with the mining of gold. As with gold, there is a maximum amount of Bitcoins, namely 21 million. The expectation is that this amount of around 2040 will be achieved.

MacMiner is a free tool for Mac OS that allows you to own your Bitcoins and Litecoins can create or "mine". Litecoin is cryptogeld just like Bitcoin but is distinguished because there are fewer checks by other users are necessary before a transaction can be completed. This makes it faster to transfer money with Litecoin than with Bitcoin, in fact it is only a difference of seconds or less.

The tools of bfgminer, cgminer, and cpuminer are integrated into the program. It is possible to have everything automatically work, but also to do everything manually.

As one of the few tools in this category, the software is a fully functioning user interface that is also suitable when you do not sense to only to a command script to be staring.

MacMiner has the following characteristics:

  • program to the cryptogeld Bitcoin and Litecoin to mine,
  • fully functioning graphical gebruikeromgeving (GUI),
  • open source license,
  • only suitable for Mac OS operating systems.

MacMiner screenshots


You can free download MacMiner 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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