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In this digital age, it is a picture so made. Now you can turn your digital memories simply store or share, but you can also have something special to do with it. Google now has Motion Stills invented, a fun app that allows you GIFS can make your live photos.

With the app targets Google on users of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, that already makes use of Live Photo's. Motion Stills makes use of that option, but improved the principle properly, by means of its own image stabilization. So, you can easily add your live photos to convert to a GIF or a video clip.

Motion Still is absolutely free and only available for iOS.

With Motion Stills you get a lot more out of your live photos, and also a lot of fun and especially easier to have those photos to share with others.

The Live Photo option on the iPhone, which you photos to life could give, was not cheering to receive, therefore, try to Google it for yourself now. The app still works with Live Photo's of iOS, but makes sure that the photos are now also really nice being able to move. This is because of the stabilization technology, for which a special algorithm is developed in the lab of Google. In this way stabilizes the app your GIF or video, and are quieter. You are not to do with too many vibrant images. Also, the blurry images filtered out.

Motion Stills works very simple. You give the app access to your photos and the app goes through your live photos back and gets the best out of it. You can then choose what you want to use, because the pictures in the app. The photos that you do not want to use sweeps you away. Then a small animation of a GIF. You can also choose to create a short film of the photos.

A very fun option is to take several clips or GIFS with each other to combine, so there's actually a longer film or story emerges. Motion Stills choose to do this yourself the best start and end points, allowing you to smooth transitions see. Then, you export the GIF or the video clip and is stored in your photo album.

The advantage of Motion Stills is that there is no internet connection is required. You can just use the app to get started and only if you have a GIF or video want to share an internet connection is required. The size of the files is to adjust the settings. The sharing goes on very quickly via social media. In contrast to many other apps of Google, you need to Motion Stills't have to log in with your Google account. Let your Live Photo's soon to come to life with this clever app.

Motion Stills has the following characteristics:

  • nice photo app offered by Google,
  • available for free for iOS,
  • aimed at users of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus,
  • makes use of image stabilization,
  • looking for the best live photos from,
  • combines GIF's and movies,
  • share files simply through social media,
  • works offline.

Motion Stills screenshots

screenshot-Motion Stills-1
screenshot-Motion Stills-2

You can free download Motion Stills and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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