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One of the most spectacular internethypes is called the Dubsmash. In addition to a hype, it is a fun way to communicate with others. With Dubsmash a video of yourself, where you have a quote or a different sound recording. You can choose from many different sounds and quotes. In addition, you can short the songs lip-synching. That sound, that famous voice or that one quote is in the video, making it seem as if you says it all, or sings. You can then gedubde video to your friends send.

Dubsmash is a free app, available for iOS and Android.

With Dubsmash you can actually others to imitate. That may be your favorite artist or actor, but also a different sound. To of the app to use, you must first register. Then you can indicate which country you come from and you can now select a preferred language, including English.

When "create", at the bottom of your screen, you can create a new Dubsmash. You can choose from a wide range of quotes and sounds to use. There is a section with trending sounds, which are very popular and there are many categories where you can choose from. Furthermore, there is a handy search function, which allows you to a keyword search. You can make use of fragments of known songs, or quotes from famous movies and series.

To a dub, first find an audio file. That you can first listen by clicking the play icon and when satisfied, you can click on ‘create a dub’, so the Dubsmash. The app automatically opens the camera on your phone and the button on the bottom of your screen starts Dubsmash with the playback of the clip with the recording. You can then go to playback and capture. So it seems as if the clip sings or speaks and you can see all sorts of funny movements to make. Your timing must be good.

When you are finished with your dub, you can here additional things to add, such as a text or an emoticon, and then you can put the video directly with others to share via your messenger or on your social media, such as Facebook.

If you are not satisfied about the range of fragments, you can create your own song or quote upload. You can directly invite friends for Dubsmash if you want, and there you can then immediately to chat. You can continue a group chat where multiple friends can add so that you can with a group at the same time what record. In Dubsmash, take a selfie, including the audio. Dubsmash is very entertaining and can lead to a hilarious result.

Dubsmash has the following characteristics:

  • free app to playback videos,
  • available for iOS and Android,
  • log in with an account,
  • set your language preference,
  • choose from a database of many fragments,
  • listen to the fragment, advance,
  • add additional things to your video such as text and emoticons,
  • share your video directly with your friends or social media.

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You can free download Dubsmash and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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