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It is for adults not good to close the eyes on a computer screen to sit and for children it's all completely bad. Since the children of today grow up in an era of smartphones and tablets, the chances are that they will. You can again and again against your child say that their device is not so close to their eyes should keep, but you can also use the Samsung Safety Screen app use. This app ensures that there is sufficient distance between the display device and the eyes of your children.

Samsung Safety Screen app is only available for Android, but is completely free.

Samsung is concerned with the fate of children, and comes to protecting their eyes with this handy app. You can use the app on all Android devices installed, so not only on devices from Samsung.

The install goes very quickly and you do not have real account and not logging in. You will be asked to set a password for the app so that your children have the app not just knock out. This is advisable, because otherwise the whole effect is gone. Samsung Safety Screen app runs in the background of the device.

The principle works very simple. Before your child goes to work with an Android device, turn on the app. Samsung Safety Screen app works with face detection and that calculates, using the selfie camera of the device, the distance from the child to the screen. Samsung Safety Screen app then displays a warning if the unit is too close to the head. There will appear a cheerful little monster with outstretched hands on the application where your child is working on at the time. The device is then no longer operate. The warning disappears only when the distance is large enough. The male then gives a thumbs up, says "well done" and disappears again. Everything is working again.

Samsung Safety Screen app is a good and especially also a playful way to teach your child that there is sufficient distance between a display screen and the eyes should sit. To close on a screen, namely on the long term damage to the eyes cause. Therefore, the Samsung Safety Screen app is certainly not a superfluous luxury, and your child is with the funny animation is also really encouraged to get back more distance to the screen. When your child the principle has been mastered, you can use the app always delete it again. But also apart from this app for your children well to not spending hours in front of a screen.

Samsung Safety Screen has the following features:

  • app that helps the eyes of your children to protect,
  • available for free for Android,
  • set a password,
  • runs in the background of your device,
  • blocks the unit if children are too close to the screen,
  • playful way to get children away to learn to take.

Samsung Safety Screen screenshots

screenshot-Samsung Safety Screen-1
screenshot-Samsung Safety Screen-2

You can free download Samsung Safety Screen and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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