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Some viruses penetrate as far through in the computer system that these are quite hard to find a with an ordinary virus scanner. Norton therefore it has the free Norton Power Eraser released that goes further than an ordinary virus scanner.

Norton Power Eraser detects and removes viruses that regular virus scanners often do not discover.

Norton Power Eraser uses aggressive methods to viruses to detect, the risk is that ordinary programs that do not need to be removed are classified as hazardous.

After the scan, it compares the program in the list of found applications with their own list of secure computer programs. When the found software on the whitelist is then approved, when it blacklisted it is advised to remove it and if on none of both lists is immediately suspicious labeled. Norton Power Eraser is therefore only suitable for advanced computer users who know how an operating system works and what programs and processes on a computer.

The software is also suitable for the detection of rootkits, you may have to restart the computer.

Norton Power Eraser has the following features:

  • free security software,
  • detects viruses in an aggressive way, which also allows viruses to be found that most virus scanners do not discover,
  • only suitable for advanced users,
  • not a replacement for a regular antivirus scanner,
  • suitable for Windows operating systems.

Norton Power Eraser screenshots

screenshot-Norton Power Eraser-1
screenshot-Norton Power Eraser-2

You can free download Norton Power Eraser and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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