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Trains are extremely popular and Open Rails is a must for every treinliefhebber. Open Rails is a treinsimulator, that enables you to create a driver and so the trains can drive. The software is based on Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS and Open Rails works best with this program, but you can Open Rails without use. However, you must then release the supplies download. If you have already worked, you can see all your routes in Open Rails open. You must be really as a driver to behave, so stop at the stations, you have to follow the rules and perform other tasks.

Open Rails is a free program, that works only on Windows.

Open Rails is a kind of successor of Microsoft Train Simulator. The program is open source, so everyone adjustments can make. The program looks graphically very realistic and is nicely made. The install goes quickly, because Open Rails is a small file.

The aim of the game is to get trains from A to B to drive. Do you have beautiful and sometimes historic routes. You can within the program, then routes and trains in place. You can use routes in Open Rails, routes in Microsoft Train Simulator or loose routes download and install. As a player you should all keep an eye on of the electric, diesel and steam trains.

Within the program you can make your own train together. This can be from several wagons to choose from. Trains may continue at stations loaded and unloaded and trains to unlink and link together. On a special trackmonitor, that you open using F4, you will see the current speed of your train, the permitted speed, the distance and the signal. The train is in different perspectives and you can switch very easily with your mouse. You can take the train from the outside and see from the 3D cab, as a machine operator. When you on a route to drive, you must train on the track. That means that you, in some places, the speed needs to adjust, not from the elbow to fly. In addition, you must pay attention to turnouts and signals. When you play, you will hear all the sounds in it really to hear. You'll also find in Open Rails extended timetables for your routes you can use.

You can play the game only play, but with the option of multiplayer, it is possible with friends to play, wherever they are. That will give Open Rails a considerable added value. Your friends should have the same routes, trains and equipment installed. The trains are manually and automatically to control.

Open Rails has the following characteristics:

  • free train simulator program,
  • available for Windows,
  • works on the basis of Microsoft Train Simulator,
  • to integrate with Microsoft Train Simulator,
  • play for machinist,
  • play with friends with multiplayer.

Open Rails screenshots

screenshot-Open Rails-1
screenshot-Open Rails-2

You can free download Open Rails and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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