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Since 2012, Dutch internet service providers by the government is obliged to the popular torrent search engine of to block for its customers. This is the result of a lawsuit which in that year was brought by Stichting BREIN. Then, there are several actions taken in order to bypass this blockage.

In August 2013, there is by ThePirateBay even a special browser released that you as a user are extremely easy to ThePirateBay and other government-blocked web sites to visit. This web browser called the PirateBrowser.

The PirateBrowser is a combination of the Firefox portable web browser and a Tor client called Vidalia.

This browser bypasses without further effort by the user to automatically blockades by national authorities to be raised. This can not only torrentsites such as be visited, but also other web site categories, which in other countries are blocked, including erotic sites in the United Kingdom.

The PirateBrowser makes it, despite the fact that it makes use of the Tor network, it is not possible to browse anonymously. Your internet is still traceable for other agencies.

At this time, this browser is only available for Microsoft Windows, versions for Linux and Mac OS are still in development.

In may 2014, The Pirate Bay announced that the browser, a whopping 5 million downloads. That means that the program each month approximately half a million times. There will soon be additional functionality to the browser will be added, including the use of social media in countries where that is prohibited. Also there will be for each country a list of sites the government blocks, but via PirateBrowser yet to reach.

PirateBrowser has the following characteristics:

  • free portable web browser,
  • visit websites that are blocked by the national government,
  • works by default without any complicated settings,
  • not suitable for anonymous surfing the internet,
  • only available for Windows operating systems.

PirateBrowser screenshots


You can free download PirateBrowser and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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