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When you are going on a trip you want to enjoy, but you also want your trip tracking for friends and family and for yourself, so that you when you're back home, everything is still reference, and view. You do not all have to write in a book, because this app keeps track of your journey all the way and ensures that after a nice trip report. The app is made by Dutchmen and is completely free.

Polarsteps is available for Android and iOS.

Before you Polarsteps to get started, you need a moment to register, because you need to log in to the app to work.

The basis is very simple, because on the basis of GPS-data is the route of your trip automatically tracked by the app. A very convenient way to keep track of where you've been and Polarsteps let that be seen on a detailed map of the world. You must share your location on your smartphone and be connected with wi-fi, so that Polarsteps the data can update. Polarsteps leave a urges of the 'steps', stops, and then you will get eventually an interactive map of your trip. The advantage is that the app is little of the battery of your smartphone asks, which is very advantageous during the travel.

You can in between, when you want to take photos and add text, and which are then automatically linked to your location. Your report is also updated online. The app also keeps track of the distance you travelled, and the time that you did. You can within the app and also have a diary to keep track of, that you have all to yourself. You can use the phone in your pocket and the app does not need to be opened to the required data to collect.

With Polarsteps you not only a good report of your journey, but the people back home can also travel easily back and during the trip and even to keep abreast of your adventures, because each time you connect to wi-fi, your location is shared. Those who stay at home, messages can get when there is new information. You can your route is also very easy to share with others via social media.

The creators aim, ultimately, to a large travel portal to be and when all the data is passing, then it can only succeed. Because others can make use of your itinerary or tips. You can choose your journey again, to relive when you're back at home. If you forget something, then you can in retrospect still very easy content to your travelogue add.

Polarsteps has the following characteristics:

  • automatically a travelogue to keep track via your smartphone or tablet,
  • free available for Android and iOS,
  • create an account and keeps track of your journey,
  • your journey is the step by step tracked on the basis of your GPS location,
  • share automatically your location when you have an internet connection,
  • add photos and text to your report,
  • anyone who is able to quickly keep track of your trip,
  • share your route and tips through social media,
  • add post additional content.

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You can free download Polarsteps and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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