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Everyone knows by now that distraction in traffic is extremely dangerous. Especially the use of a mobile phone is the cause of many accidents. Certainly a quarter of the collisions is caused by the use of the smartphone.

The government is doing much to ensure that directors their phone while driving. It is now investigated whether measures can be taken to the appen and sms. You can already have a good start by Drive Safely Keep Focused to install on your phone. The app enables many functions of your smartphone while driving, so your attention is really on the road. You still have to reach.

Drive Safely Keep Focused is a free app only available for Android.

The temptation to while driving a appje answer is great. Research shows that certainly a quarter of all motorists during the drive. This is the situation on the road a lot less safe. Drive Safely Keep Focused going you safe on the road, but your contacts, you have to stay away. The app runs in the background and works very useful.

Drive Safely Keep Focused notice immediately when you start driving and turns on then immediately. You have nothing more to do. When you stop to switch the application itself. When you are driving, you can't make use of the main functions of your phone.

You are Drive Safely Keep Focused is not completely closed off from the outside world. You can still make hands-free calls and receive phone calls, and that can be done through your car kit, headset, or bluetooth. You can even choose a special tone for incoming calls. Call with the phone in your hand is obviously no longer possible.

Continue with the app all the notifications of your social media and messengers. Thus, you can have no more messages to view or listen to for example WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Further, it is not more possible to send messages with Whatsapp or your social media. The use of navigation, such as Google Maps or TomTom remains possible. In addition, you can always make an emergency call, such as dialing 112.

It is possible to have a so-called passenger mode. This is useful for when you are with someone in the car or if you are using public transport. When this mode is enabled, you can make full use of your mobile phone.

It is not yet clear what steps the government will take against the call, appen and view of social media in the car, but until that time, Drive Safely, Keep Focused a very good way to ensure your safety and the safety of others a bit better.

Drive Safely Keep Focused has the following characteristics:

  • disables many important functions of your smartphone from,
  • notes automatically when you drive and when you stop,
  • available for free for Android,
  • turn off all notifications of social media and messengers,
  • you can no more messages to send via Whatsapp and social media,
  • navigation remains possible,
  • has a special passenger mode,
  • handsfree calling is allowed.

Drive Safely Keep Focused screenshots

screenshot-Drive Safely Keep Focused-1
screenshot-Drive Safely Keep Focused-2

You can free download Drive Safely Keep Focused and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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