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When the spring and summer there again, plays in many people's hay fever. You will get started suffering from watery eyes and a runny nose. That is mostly because you have an allergy for pollen. Because nothing is to be inside, it is useful to be informed of the latest information about pollen and hay fever. That can with this free app.

You can not only learn to different pollenplanten to recognize, you can also very easily create your own hooikoortslogboek track. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Hay fever is not really to treat it, but you can well understand your allergy, and, especially, in the course of your allergy. With this renewed Pollennieuws app, you can that over good track and record. This app has quite some useful features and is very convenient to consult, before you go out. So it contains the app is a map of the Netherlands, which biologists every day, the expectation of the number of pollen in the air track. You can then see where the situation for the worst. This information will be given every morning for an update.

The information is also provided from a short message about the most recent developments. That way, you can also your medication tune in to the most current situation. You is by means of push messages to be kept informed of these updates. Nice detail is that you a hatsjoe-sound hear when a new update is published. You can use these notifications on or off.

Furthermore, the app movies, with some more detailed information on pollen, pollenplanten and hay fever. The newest videos will be at the top in the list. You can also create your own log to track your symptoms. It will automatically detect the location linked where you are currently located, but if you later do, you can determine the location link. You can use the six main symptoms indicate and also the extent to which you suffer from. You can also back your medication attach, and additional notes. This information can also be very easy to yourself via email. This information can also be useful for your gp, because your notifications will be included in a database, others have it too. All your annotations and notes will eventually be brought together in a beautiful year in review.

Another handy feature is the comparison of notifications by region and also by the whole of the Netherlands. You can then see who is on which place a similar allergy so that you're there with anticipation. Pollennieuws is a handy app for if you have hay fever. Main goal is to pollenplanten that your cause allergy to learn to recognize and thus to avoid as they bloom. You have a working internet connection is necessary in order to make use of the app. The design is very simple and easy to use and you do not need to register.

Pollennieuws App has the following features:

  • real-time information about pollen hay fever cause,
  • available for free for iOS and Android,
  • learn the pollenplanten know that your allergy cause,
  • map of the Netherlands with the number of pollen,
  • receive every day updates with the most current information and developments,
  • includes many videos with detailed information,
  • keep a log of your allergy,
  • no registration required,
  • export your log to your computer or email.

Pollennieuws App screenshots

screenshot-Pollennieuws App-1
screenshot-Pollennieuws App-2

You can free download Pollennieuws App and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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