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Project management includes the management of all tasks and components of projects. It is the method by which projects are planned, prepared, organised, carried out and be completed.

There are several free project management programs that you can support including the ]project-open[. And yes, those brackets are not a typo.

]Project-Open[ is an open source project management software that you are using your own system in the cloud structure. It is being developed by a team in Germany and Spain.

The system can after installation be used for both top-down and a bottom-up approach of project management. With the top-down approach the total budget is divided over all the sub-projects.

With respect to the financial forecast looks, or the sum of scheduled tasks within a project within the budget. In the bottom-up approach, groups of tasks will be aggregated to sub-projects that make up one large project. The budget of the main project is calculated on the basis of the forecasts on the job level.

Resource Management
Based on the allocation of resources, such as those at the project level are defined, the availability or shortage of resources for all ongoing projects is displayed.

Project Completion Monitoring
Each owner of a task, it reports the completion of it. A total weighted completion is calculated by the system.

Projects Import/Export
]Project-Open[ supports importing and exporting from and to GanttProject, OpenProj and Microsoft Project. Files can thus be exported to one of these programs and after edits again be imported into ]Project-Open[.

Project Templates
New projects can be created on the basis of existing templates.

IT Service Management
With the IT helpdesk manages the lifecycle of tickets. For each ticket type can be a workflow can be defined. Allows you to incidents, aanpassingsverzoeken, software bugs and other commands to optimally manage. Moreover, can the collected data be used in management decisions.

Configuration Database
Configuration management is supported by an integrated CMDB which leads to transparency in the made adjustments.

Nagios Integration
Results of Nagios scans and notifications form the input for the IT helpdesk and CMDB.

Timesheet Management
Timesheet management makes it possible to measure the time to tasks and tickets are paid. There are several reporting features that allow timesheet data can be exported to make them available for managers and the HR department. Through the inspired workflow system, managers can timesheet data confirm team members.

In Financial Management
In addition to the timesheet costs can ]project-open[ also other cost measure, such as travel and subsistence. Also this can according to a preset workflow first for approval or rejection to a multiple be sent before these costs are included in the profit and loss calculation of a project.

Invoices can be based on different criteria needs to be created. This can be on the basis of the planned, facturabele or captured units. Also other financial documents such as provider bills and quotes are semi-automatically generated on the basis of stored information about projects and clients.

Cost Centers
With the cost center module allocates costs to centres within different projects.

Financial Reports
]project-open[ contains various financial reports to calculate profit and loss, cahflow and the cost effectiveness of the operational organization.

Knowledge Management and Collaboration
With the file manager, wiki, and forum features, and a comprehensive search function enables all employees within an organization quickly find the information they need. Per item can be determined who has access rights to.

Human Resources
Users can their absence to enter. This is automatically forwarded to the appropriate managers.

All data about employees from a central point to consult by HR managers.

Skills Management
Within this module can use the skills of employees are recorded. Users can provide their skills in self editing when they have the permission to do so. Managers can perform these operations in skills then reject or approve.

All information relating to customers in a uniform way defined.

Email Campaigns
From ]project-open[ can email campaigns are set up and managed. Additionally, you may e-mail be imported from another mail server.

Pre-sales Support
The forum and additional dynamic fields to help in the process of the pre-sales phase.

]Project-Open[ screenshots

screenshot-Project Open-1
screenshot-Project Open-2

You can free download Project Open and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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