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More and more e-mail services, are pleased to announce the e-mail traffic is a little safer, but ProtonMail is a service that it his vocation. The e-mail is designed by the Swiss Cern Institute, where many scientists to be connected. Hence, there is good thought about it. The free e-mail service works with an end-to-end encryption, that allows you to encrypted e-mail and the content of an e-mail intended only for the recipient to see. The service is long time tested, but now available to everyone.

ProtonMail is available for iOS and Android, but there is also a web version where you can use.

ProtonMail is a service that looks a little like Google's Gmail. ProtonMail is fast and also very easy to use. Just as with other providers, you will receive a private e-mail address. When you are getting started, simply log in with your e-mail address and password and you will be provided with an additional password only access your inbox. Your mails are so strictly encrypted, which is also the makers have no access. Make sure that you have your password saved, because when you're lost, you can even ProtonMail cannot get help in order to get back or reset. Then you have your account lost.

The inbox looks neat and well-organized. You can see immediately all your e-mails and on the left you see the menu, with different functions. Here you will find all important emails, but you can also add attachments, the trash, the spam folder, and also a new mail. That preparation is just as simple as with other services. You can easily add a recipient and you also has fields for the subject and a large field to your text. At the bottom of the mail you will find a small button that allows you an attachment you can add. In addition, a encryption button to set up, that enables you to create a password can add.

Your e-mails are not as plaintext stored on the servers, which in Switzerland. Also keep ProtonMail no logs of your use. It is even possible that your messages themselves automatically after a while destroy it. You can set after how many days you want this to happen. The end-to-end encryption is automatically applicable when mails are to be sent to other ProtonMail users, but you can also set this when sending mails to other addresses. The receiver will then be taken to a secure page guides, where he has a password must enter in order the mail to be able to read. Not only the mails to be encrypted, but also the attachments.

ProtonMail is free but has some paid options, such as more storage space. With ProtonMail, you can continue to e-mail, without you afraid for to have that your mail is hacked or that certain bodies with you spectating.

ProtonMail has the following characteristics:

  • encrypted e-mail service,
  • available for free for iOS, Android and web,
  • makes use of end-to-end encryption,
  • works fast and easy,
  • keeps no logs,
  • set yourself in when e-mails be destroyed,
  • all e-mails and attachments are encrypted send .

ProtonMail screenshots


You can free download ProtonMail and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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