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Reason Core Security Standard is a second opinion anti-malware scanner that uses the cloud and operates alongside your existing anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. Reason Core Security mainly removes adware, spyware, unwanted toolbars and browser addons and other PUPs. It can also prevent the installation of unwanted bundled software, using Unchecky technology.

Reason Core Security Standard is an anti-malware program from the makers of herdProtect.Reason Core Security is not intended as a replacement for your virus scanner. It is a supplement to your PC security. After installation, you will first get 30 days of access to the full version that offers real-time protection. After this you can continue with the free version that is only anon demand scanner. The scanning is also cloud-based, which means that virus definitions do not always have to be updated.

A bonus is that it offers Reason Core Security bundle protection: either it prevents the installation of unwanted extra software (toolbars and other PUPs), which is nowadays often offered with freeware. For this it uses Unchecky technology.

Furthermore, Reason Core Security has a number of useful tools at its disposal, with which you can uninstall programs, disable startup programs and remove browser addons. Reason Core Security provides a risk assessment for each item, but this is not always accurate. You must therefore continue to pay attention to what you disable or remove.

With Remediation you can restore some default settings in Windows, such as network settings, app restrictions, default start-up services and Windows Explorer settings. You can also restore the homepage and default search engine of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox.

Reason Core Security can be an interesting addition to your PC security. However, it is still unclear how well the program performs in detecting and removing malware and adware.

Tests by PC Magazine have shown that Reason scores sadly for detecting and removing malware. You don't have to try Reason Core Security for that. Preventing bundled software is an advantage.

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You can free download Reason Core Security Standard and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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