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If you are at home, a wireless network, and you suspect that others enjoy, then that may be difficult for you. Not only do they use your bandwidth, giving you even less for your own use then, they can also access the folders and files you have shared on your computers. With Advanced IP Scanner, you can exactly check which computers are connected to your network by the network addresses of all the machines to find out.

You may think that only the administrators of the professional networks this kind of problems, but nothing is less true. Very likely you have at home is not only a computer but also a laptop or a tablet. And in addition, a NAS or other external storage of data on the network. This last is used, for example, you to store movies, you than through your TV. Now there is but someone in the vicinity with a smartphone and a few 'useful tools' to break in to your network. Are all of your shared files right away all almost literally on the street.

To avoid people so imperceptibly have access to your network, you must first know whether there are people who, perhaps unnoticed, piggybacking on your Wi-fi. Advanced IP Scanner provides you with answers to do this. Not only will you see which network addresses are distributed, but also the associated computer names, and which files and folders on that computer are shared. In this way, you can easily find out if your network not to open is set.

Advanced IP Scanner offers some advanced options, including the ability to other computers on the remote to turn it off. It can be both with HTTP and HTTPS as with FPT, and shared folders handle, and has a very good ability to integrate it with Radmin.

Advanced IP Scanner screenshots

screenshot-Advanced IP Scanner-1
screenshot-Advanced IP Scanner-2

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