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The program that allows you to web pages and online services can view and use a web browser called. Safari is a web browser developed by Apple.

Originally, the Safari browser is only available for the Mac, later, there was also a Windows version available.

UPDATE: Apple has not yet officially announced but it seems that the Safari browser is no longer developed will be for Windows. The link to the download page for Windows users in July 2012 from the site of Apple removed.

Safari is the free web browser from Apple. Safari is included by default on the Mac, iPhone and iPad from Apple. This web browser could also free, be installed by Windows users, but this file is no longer offered.

Safari has a number of useful features included such as Private Browsing to your internet activities, not to save. Apple claims that Safari websites faster to load than, for example, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Safari has the following features:

  • The famous Apple look,
  • Bookmarks to create sites quickly to visit
  • Automatic blocking of pop-ups,
  • Convenient text search within the browser in which the searched text is highlighted,
  • Tabs to have multiple websites open within one window,
  • SnapBack feature, where you not only are able to return to the previous page, but also to the original search results or the homepage of a website,
  • Auto fill for forms where data from the address book directly in online forms filled in,
  • Built-in RSS reader,
  • Private Browsing feature, whereby your online activities will not be saved within the browser,
  • Safari Reader that allows you to annoying ads and other distracting elements of a page be removed so that you free online articles can be read,
  • DNS pre-fetching makes it possible to have web pages load faster because Safari the links on a page, recognizes and directly addresses look up.

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You can free download Safari 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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