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Pressure and stress cause a lot of tensions in life. In order better to be able to go, you can make use of different methods, including this app from VGZ. Certainly an insurer has a benefit that goes well with your frame of mind, because that means less ailments and the loss due to disease. With this free app you live more in the here and now.

The VGZ Mindfulness coach app provides you with exercises that you will learn to relax and meditate. The app has a program of five weeks, but it is also possible to separate exercises to do. VGZ Mindfulness coach app is available for iOS and Android.

With the VGZ Mindfulness coach app will the health insurance company you are a more self-confident and better with stress to deal with. You must have this app as a kind of coach, that you with this helps. You decide how you use the app and the exercises are adaptable to your environment or the situation where you are at that moment in is. You do the voice exercises if you want. The total program of d VGZ Mindfulness coach app takes five weeks and consists of 25 exercises. You can expect a full program in your agenda. You must have the app or access the calendar on your phone give.

Per week, you do five exercises. These exercises vary from breathing exercises, walk, concentratieoefeningen and meditation to movement practices, the visualization of your thoughts and a bodyscan. The exercises usually last a few minutes, but there are a number of outliers, which you more than half an hour. You can choose to have the whole program to go through, but it is also possible the exercises loose to do/ When you separate exercises to do, you can set the maximum time per exercise set and your set goal, peace or clarity. Then, you select your environment, for example, work, home, or the train, and when you then click "show exercise" button, you roll an exercise for you. The exercises you can immediately share on social media and via e-mail. Exercises that you like, you can favorite by clicking the heart button, so that you can do.

At the top left you will find the extensive menu, with many options. Here you will find all the exercises, the program, and extensive information about mindfulness. In addition, all terms used are explained and you can at the bottom of the explanation equal with it to practice. You can also get a private program. Because the exercises in your agenda and yourself a time indicating, you will receive a notification when it's time for your exercise. The VGZ Mindfulness coach app is a very handy app that takes you by the hand and takes you with fun and educational exercises again focus on what is really important.

VGZ Mindfulness coach app has the following features:

  • free the mindfulness app,
  • offered by VGZ, but available for everyone,
  • available for free for iOS and Android,
  • voice exercises,
  • choose a program of five weeks or individual exercises,
  • choose your goal and the environment,
  • add exercises to your favorites,
  • put the exercises in your calendar,
  • share exercises via social media or e-mail.

VGZ Mindfulness coach app screenshots

screenshot-VGZ Mindfulness Coach-1
screenshot-VGZ Mindfulness Coach-2

You can free download VGZ Mindfulness Coach and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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